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This beautiful set, inspired by wild and untamed natural beauty, was an absolute hit when it was released in August 2020.


This is the recreated version of that bestseller. A watercolour set that packs in 7 half pans the essence of a gorgeous thick forest.


Here's the list of colours included in the palette:

Moss (PG7; PB36): Rich, dark, earthy green, showing the thick greens of the wild.


Pebble (PBk11): A gorgeous super dark grey.


Sand (PY97): Subtle, pale beige-cream.


Cobblestone (PY43): A rich, earthy yellow.


Puddle (PB19): Deep dark blue.


Wildflower (PB11; PR101): Beautiful aubergine purple.


Order includes: 7 half pans packed in a travel friendly tin case.

Quantity: About 2ml/pan.


(Each colour is completely handmade and handpoured, using superior quality pure pigments and homemade organic binder. The colours are 100% vegan.)