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Moody Blues & Greens

Moody Blues & Greens


The Moody Blues and Greens palette is here! It's your gateway to painting ethereal landscapes and dreamy misty scenes.

Immerse yourself in washes of fog-kissed mountains, icy rivers reflecting the twilight sky, and the quiet solitude of a deep forest. All 6 shades are meticulously chosen to capture this, blending seamlessly for smooth transitions and captivating depth.

Let the blues whisper tales of mystical mornings, and the greens echo the life beneath dew drops.

Pigment Details:

1. Cloudy Sky: PB29, PBk11

2. Dewy Blue: PB29, PW4

3. Rainy Day: PB29, PBk11

4. Misty Trail: PG17, PBk11

5. Green Smoke: PG17, PW4

6. Deep Forest: PG17, PW4

Ready to unleash the magic of moody, earthy watercolours?